Welwyn Garden Swimming Club

The club follows the Swim England (ASA) Wavepower procedures for welfare, child safeguarding and protection. For full details see

Welfare Officers*

Rebecca Bristow ( bristow_rebeccaann [at] or 07798 654 391) 
Colin Connelly

*The Welfare Officers can be contacted at or directly as above

ASA Swimline Child Protection helpline
Swimline: 0808 100 4001
ChildLine: 0800 1111

Who is the ASA SwimLine for?
This service is provided for anyone involved in swimming, including children and young people
who believe that the welfare of a child is at risk. This could be neglect or abuse, bullying or fear of
someone, or anything that is worrying you and you don’t know who to discuss this with.

Who will take the calls and what happens?
When you ring you will hear a message. This will explain that if you wish to speak to someone
urgently – or it would not be convenient or safe for someone to call you back – you can press a
number to transfer straight to the NSPCC Child Protection Helpline. This will be answered by trained
and experienced counsellors who will advise you and will act to protect children.
If there is no problem with someone calling back and you wish to speak to someone who
understands swimming, you will need to leave your telephone number and a time convenient for the
ASA Safeguarding Team to ring you back. If there is an issue which causes concern the ASA will act to
protect the child.

Other things you should know
SwimLine calls are free and do not appear on itemised bills unless the call is made from a mobile
phone. SwimLine does not use the 1471 code or any other call return or call display facilities. If you
leave a message we aim to ring back during the next working day. If you phone over the weekend we
will aim to contact you on Monday.

You can call the ASA SwimLine on 0808 100 4001.
You can call the NSPCC Child Protection Helpline direct on 0808 800 5000.
This line is open for 24 hours each day and calls are free of charge. 

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